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Empowering the Next Generation of Sustainable Entrepreneurs at Rookie Startups

Last Friday, the team behind Rawstraw was invited by Rookie Startups to talk about our sustainable entrepreneurship journey. Josephine took the stage and shared our story and learnings with a room filled of enthusiastic students and aspiring entrepreneurs from Malmö. The event was part of Rookie Startup's 4-week-long program designed to equip students with the essential tools, guidance from mentors, workshops, and guest lectures to kickstart their own businesses during the summer. The occasion not only provided a great learning opportunity for the participants but also fostered valuable networks and experiences to shape their future careers.

Encouraging Sustainability in Entrepreneurship

Josephine's talk centered around several key topics that are crucial in building a sustainable business. She emphasized the importance of creating a business idea that aligns with sustainable principles, urging young entrepreneurs to identify the long-term impact of their ventures on the environment and society. By sharing Rawstraw's own journey, Josephine demonstrated how sustainability can be effectively integrated into the core of a business model.

From Concept to Reality

During the event, Josephine delved into the process of transforming a mere idea into a tangible product. She shared her insights into the challenges Rawstraw has faced while producing the very first prototype and how we tackled the obstacles along the way. She concluded the presentation by sharing her best advice on how to get started as a young entrepreneur and encouraged the students to involve sustainability into their business models. As a young entrepreneur herself, Josephine's advice struck a chord with the students. The energy was incredible at the event and the student's questions kept the conversation engaging and insightful.


Rawstraw's participation in Rookie Startups' event was a testament to the power of collaboration between seasoned sustainable entrepreneurs and aspiring young minds. The event not only enriched the students' understanding of sustainable business practices but also reminded us of where we started off five years ago. Through initiatives like Rookie Startups, we can forge a brighter, greener future for generations to come.

We would like to extend a huge thanks to Rookie Startups for the opportunity and we wish the best of luck to all the participants. We hope to follow your journey soon!

Text: ChatGPT and Josephine Daly Tempelaar

Photos: Rawstraw

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