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  • What are rawstraws made of?
    Rawstraws are made from rye stems that normally are disposed of during the harvest. We've found a new area of use for this bi-product and it doesn't contain plastic, paper or metall. Simply straws made of straw!
  • What do I do with the straw after I've finished my drink?
    If you want to use your rawstraw again you can always put it in the dishwasher and dry it carefully before reusing. If you feel completely done with your straw, you can simply throw it in the bin or even better, put in in the compost so that it becomes new soil for more straws in the future!
  • Can I reuse the drinking straw?
    Yes! Our rawstraws are reusable and dishwasher-friendly, which means that after washing they are all good to go. Just keep in mind that it is important for them to dry thoroughly before next use.
  • Why are rawstraws better than paper straws?
    We prefer rawstraws because you never have to worry about your straws getting soggy or tasting weird. Rawstraws keep their shape no matter drink or temperature. From an environmental perspective paper straws contain plastic-based glue and contributes to paper pollution. And we're happy to say that our straws contribute to neither, nor do we need to chop down any trees to produce our drinking straws.
  • I am a company in need of sustainable straws!
    If you are interested in buying rawstraws for your business simply go to our Shop and place your order. If you want to contact us directly send an email to or call us at +46 70 239 71 10.
  • Are your drinking straws allergy-free?
    Rawstraws have been tested at Eurofins and are certified as gluten free. This is something that our co-founder, and gluten intolerant, Josephine is very happy about! However, if you suffer from severe celiaki or grass allergy we recommend you to ask you doctor first before using rawstraws.
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