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The founding mothers

Hi there, we’re glad that you found us! 

We are Elise and Josephine, also known as the Rawstraw-team. During the beginning of our last year of high school we came up with a slightly crazy idea. We wanted to create a disposable straw that neither ruined our planet nor ruined the enjoyment of a drink. In the following years we learned that it is far from idea to reality, but with hard work and a lot of passion nothing is impossible!

Rawstraw founders- Elise Lindow och Josephine Daly Tempelaar
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Our story

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Our journey started back in 2018 when we discovered that there were no environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic straws on the market. Having worked in restaurants and bars, we had first-hand experience of the huge amount of plastic waste that was disposed of each week. This is why we decided to take matters into our own hands and develop an eco-friendly, 100% natural and biodegradable drinking straw. 

In our first attempt we decided to invent a completely new material that would tick all of these boxes. We stood in our kitchen and mixed all the ingredients that we could find, but without any luck. Instead, we started to look around us and suddenly realised that the solution was much easier than we first thought. It grew right outside of our windows, on the Swedish fields. 

After this realisation we went to visit a local farmer where we bought our first chive of rye. On our way home we couldn’t wait any longer, so we stopped at the nearest fast food restaurant and ordered a soda without the plastic straw. We broke a piece of rye straw off, put it in the drink and right there, in the parking lot of McDonalds, the first rawstraw was born.

FROM RAW to Straw... 



Harvest– Rye straws at Rawstraw


Production natural drinking straws- Raws



Happy sippin!

Cocktail drink with sustainable drinking
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soggY free

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Biodegradable drinking straw- rawstraw .


Chemical-free drinking straws- Rawstraw.

chemical free

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