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Behind the scenes: Rawstraw's production

Last week we visited our #rawstrawfamily at our production facility in Eslöv!

Before Rawstraw was born, we were simply two high school students with a crazy idea who wanted to make a difference. Our mission was to replace all plastic-and paper straws with a more sustainable solution, but we needed someone to help us on this journey. Kriminalvården made this possible.

For the past three years, we have been working together with the women’s correctional facility, Ringsjöanstalten in Eslöv. A lot of hard work goes on there behind the scenes that often goes unnoticed. They manage everything from sorting rawstraws by hand to packaging them with care and finally offering them a place to stay before getting shipped out to our customers.

Without the support from the team at Ringsjöanstalten i Eslöv, and all the dedicated and driven people who help us in our mission towards a greener future, we would not be where we are today .

Thank you for joining us on our mission towards a more sustainable plastic-and paper free future 💛

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