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Vi är aktuella i årets nystartade säsong av tv-programmet Draknästet på SVT1 och SVT Play. Ni kan se oss i TV rutan den 26e augusti kl.21.00 där vi får chansen att pitcha våra fantastiska rawstraws framför fem drakar. Får vi med oss en investering hem eller går vi därifrån tomhänta?

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"We wanted to remove all plastic straws from our business and were looking for an environmentally friendly alternative. Rawstraw was just around the corner and it feels good to pull our straw to the stack"

Niklas Persson, Founder of Strandtugg

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What's so bad about straws?

Single-use straws are the 7th most collected waste item on beaches.

Why are plastic straws being banned?  In Europe alone, we consume over 23.6 billion plastic straws annually according to Statisa.com. Plastic straws are not biodegradable. Instead, they break down into small particles called microplastics, which are virtually impossible to clean. Consequently, these toxic particles end up harming the environment and marine animals such as turtles. 

Why are paper straws bad for the environment? Paper straws may seem like a better alternative. However, the manufacturing process of paper straws has a negative impact on the environment in the form of air pollution and heavy water-usage. Also, if they aren't disposed correctly they become equally large polluters as plastic straws. And let's not forget that they get soggy... 



We produce 100% natural drinking straws made of rye. Our straws function in both hot and cold drinks, without having to worry about them getting soggy after a few minutes.

Our product utilises a by-product of rye production, meaning that the raw material used does not contribute to our greenhouse gas emissions. At Rawstraw we have designed our production to minimise emissions and resource consumption while maximising our job creation. 


Our drinking straws are as biodegradable as any other organic plant and once a rawstraw reaches the end of its lifespan, it can simply be thrown in the compost ready for its nutrients to be reused by the planet. This makes Rawstraw the best eco-friendly alternative to plastic and paper straws on the market today.

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